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the friday question

O.K., it’s Friday again so here we go. The answer I wanted for last week was that I’m going to be brewing a traditional Welsh Ale to celebrate St. David’s Day so Mr. Mitchell was half right but didn’t specify a style so we won’t award a prize (harsh perhaps but I’ve been accused of being too lenient in the past!)

On to this week. Two separate questions this week. The first is for homebrewers only. The prize is an 11 lb pack of Celeia hop pellets. A simple question … what is the country of origin of these pellets? First person to correctly answer via the comment section below wins ’em (though I’m sure that you generous homebrewing types will share them with other like minded brewers!)

The regular Friday question is not so much a question as a plea for help. what the Hell are we going to name our pumpkin ale … anyone out there got any ideas (and yes, we are considering “A Nightmare On Pratt Street”, thank you Julie)? Send us your ideas, if we like one we’ll use it and you’ll win 2 tickets to Oktoberfest at the Timonium Fairgrounds on the 10th October. Sweet!

  1. says -

    I believe they are Slovenian??

    That is a good name! Tough to beat that….Headless Horseman?


  2. says -

    After a quick google search Headless Horseman is a beer already made by Defiant Brewing Co. I guess I’m not as original as I thought.
    So I will give the name of ‘Brom Bones’ which was the nickname of Sleepy Hollow’s Bully Abraham Van Blunt who is after the affection of the same woman as Ichabod Crane. I’m sure you would never get tired of explaining the name! I remember way too much of that story. It used to scare the sh*t out of me as a kid.

  3. Bob T says -

    OK How about Legendary Sleepy Hollow Ale or Fallen Gourd?

  4. Bob T says -

    Or Bump In The Night
    or It’s The Great Pumpkin Ale

  5. DaveG says -

    Shoot, never heard of Celeia, but I love Styrian and Aurora.

    How about “Linus’ Bane” It’ll take some thinking, but people would get it.

  6. Mitch says -

    How about the Haunted Palace? A nice allusion to Halloween and Edgar Allan Poe.

  7. DaveG says -

    Can I change mine to Linus’ Folly?
    Oh, and I’m not a Peanuts fan, not that there’s anything wrong with that.