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What’s In The Fridge? (updated)

Might be a little confusion over how this works so here’s an updated version …. hope it makes it clear

O.K. folks, I’m going to start a new feature on the blog called “What’s In The Fridge?”. It’ll run every couple of weeks or so depending on the response I get and the premise is simple … you’re invited to write in with a description (and photo if you’d like) of what craft beers are in your fridge … why have you selected those particular beers … anything rare/special … feel free to wax lyrical/add tasting notes for a particular favorite. I will select  one or two entries to post at a time.  Not every one will be posted of course, especially if I get a lot of reponses, so the more interesting your fridge selections are, the more chance that I’ll post it and you’ll be invited to trade a bottle from your fridge to ours. If you donate a bottle then you get to choose a bottle from the brewery fridge. Obviously if you donate something spectacular then you can take one of our more interesting beers (ie the ones you can’t normally get in Maryland) otherwise you get to choose from the others. Alternatively if your review is selected, if you’d rather, you’re welcome to come along to the Ale House with a “donation”, choose one from the fridge and we’ll crack ’em open then & there and do an impromptu tasting. Or, if you don’t want to participate in the trade option, that’s fine, it won’t effect the chances of your review being posted. If anybody wants to be extra generous and donate to the fridge anytime that’d be great … promise we won’t drink it, it’ll stay in the fridge for someone to choose. Here’s what’s in our fridge at the moment, hoping to add some more soon ….


Thanks to Nick for picking up thr Three Floyds, Founder’s and Bells on his travels and to Brad for donating the Stone Double Bastard (2008). E-mail me your words of wisdom



  1. Mitch says -

    Hope you do this one again; I was out of town for the initial post, and I recently went through and cleared out (drank) a whole bunch of good stuff to make room for some new ones. Will hopefully restock by mid-August!