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Hello world

Ha, the irony of it all! My son was born at 5.35pm on a day celebrating independence from the British! I can see that I’m going to have my hands full with this one. As previously reported, to celebrate his arrival I will be brewing a new beer. It will be brewed next week and then each year thereafter  released on his birthday, as is the case with William’s Winter Warmer. The vital statistics for the brew are linked to Jacob’s. Both the abv and hop addition are dictated by his birth weight. Jacob entered the world weighing 8 lb 13.8 oz so Jacob’s Summer Celebration will be 8.8%abv and will use 8lb and 13 oz of hops. As a nod to his American parentage (and I guess the day on which he was born) the hop grist will be divided equally between American hops (Cascade, Chinook & Mount Hood) and English hops (First Gold, Kent Goldings & Challenger) and will be amber in color (chocolate & crytal malts). Expect to see numerous casks dry hopped with single hop varieties … there will be an English hop series and an American hop series. Can’t wait to brew the beer and get it on tap to officially “wet the babies head”! I’ll post details of the official release party when the date is decided.

"Hello World!"

  1. Scott S says -

    Congrats big papa! He’s a cute one no doubt. Takes after his mom for sure! 😉

    Looking forward to his celebratory beer in the coming weeks.


  2. Moira says -

    Best wishes to Jacob and his new family! At least it will be easy to remember his birthday!