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Lazy Sunday

No brewing today, just had to stop by the brewery for a short while to check fermentations and prep for tomorrow’s brew. I’ll be brewing an Irish Red tomorrow and also moving Jacob’s Summer Celebration to conditioning tank. I’ll be filling firkins of course, some dry hopped with Liberty and some with Kent Goldings and some will be aged with American White Oak. In an ideal world I’d put the whole batch into cask but, regrettably we don’t have enough available so I’ll be filling about 6 or 8 depending upon how many empties are returned tomorrow.  On the way back home I stopped by the Wine Source in Hampden … OMG … how have I walked or driven by it so many times in the past and never been in there before? Definitely my new favorite destination to buy beer (and wine, and gin …).  I stopped there to pick up a bottle of something for a Friday Question prize. A few weeks ago Scott won a growler of our Bulldog Bitter and “a couple of bottles of something from the country that won the World Cup”. By common consensus we decided to get him something from the runner-up rather than the winner … he wasn’t excited about the prospect of beer from Spain and I was so disgusted by the way Spain played in the final that I flat out refused to spend money on Spanish beer. So, the Netherlands it is … here’s a little teaser for Scott ….

Hel & Verdoemenis bottle # 596

from Brouwerij De Molen, Hel & Verdoemenis is 10.2 % abv, 99 EBu s and is a limited bottling of 1092 bottles. Brewed on 17/18 February 2009 this beer (it says on the label) will be good for 25 years! Congratulations Scott, enjoy! I picked up a few things for myself as well and this evening I’ve been relaxing with Kelly and Jacob and enjoying a 21st Amendment “Back In Black” (excellent) and Harpoon “Leviathan” (I love this beer).

Speaking of the Friday Question, there’s a growler of our Golden Glory (wheat ale brewed with root ginger) and a bottle each of Three Floyds “Black Sun Stout” and Bells “Batch 9000” up for grabs, so have a stab at it. Now, I’m not saying that friend and local brewery guru Volker of the Brewer’s Art signed a pact with the Devil, but I noticed earlier that, for the first, time he’d posted an answer to the Friday Question and it just so happened that it is comment number 666 posted on the website! Coincidence or a sign of something more sinister, you decide! I picture Volker at a dusty crossroads signing a pact with Old Nick … not for the ability to play eye-watering blues as per Robert Johnson, but to propel Resurrection cans to the “most wanted” status in every beer store in Maryland (not that it needs any help and rightly so, it’s wonderful … the reason I ended up with Back In Black today is because they were out of Resurrection!)



  1. Brad says -

    Scott, you lucky S.O.B!

    I fully expect a call before you decide to pop open this bottle…