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Moa Beer Review

A recent Friday Question post promised some beer from the country that scored the fastest goal in a particular week’s play in the World Cup. Scott won that prize and the country in question turned out to be New Zealand!  There aren’t a huge number of beers from New Zealand on the shelves locally but one that stood out during some internet research (at least in my opinion) was Moa ( I came away from Wells Discount Liquors ( with 3 different bottles, Moa Original, Moa Blanc and Moa Noir. Here are Scott’s thoughts ….

“Moa Original: Poured a cloudy orangish yellow with a huge bubbly, airy head, even with a careful pour.  The bottle seemed a bit over-carbonated, as it bubbled over the top when opened.  The aroma was unimpressive, reminiscent of an industrial lager.  The mouthfeel was light, very crisp, and bubbly, initially tasting slightly sweet followed by a fairly strong citrusy orange flavor.  It was quite drinkable and refreshing.

Moa Blanc: Poured a pale straw color with a frothy white head.  The aroma was mildly citrusy.  The beer was light bodied and crisp with a sharp bite.  The beer initially offered flavors of grapefruit and lemon, finishing fruity, similar to a white wine.  Nice summer sipping beer.

Moa Noir: Poured very dark amber, slightly cloudy, with a good size tan, bubbly head.  The aroma was roasty with hits of roasted grains and coffee.  The beer had a medium body but a crisp bite when sipped.  Huge chocolate flavors, tasting almost like a Tootsie Roll, but still fairly crisp and very refreshing for being a “dark” beer.

All three beers were bottle fermented, with yeast visible in the bottom of the bottle.  Each had a similar aroma and flavor that seemed to be imparted by the yeast.  The most unique feature was how “bubbly” the beers were, almost like champagne. “