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The Friday Question

Argh … Ghana …. what’s with the penalty kicks? What a horrible way to exit the World Cup, especially after the disgraceful goal line hand-ball clearance from Uruguay! Oh well, that’s the game of football I suppose. Last week Scott won some beer from New Zealand for his guess of the fastest goal scored … not a whole lot of choices out there but I got him a Moa Blanc, Moa Original and Moa Noir. No idea what they’re like but he’ll likely send me some tasting notes which I’ll post in a future blog. Moa looks like a pretty cool brewery, check ’em out on the web @  A previous Friday Question asked how many goals would be scored between June 25th and July 1st. I didn’t count the penalty shoot out so I believe the goal tally was 31 goals which makes Dominic the winner with his guess of 33. Dominic wins a $30 tab at the Ale House for the World Cup final on July 11th and will be entered into the draw for the team jersey., congratulations Dom. The other outstanding Question asked for the final score betweeen England and Germany … that’s a bit of a sore point now of course, especially considering that the goal that would have drawn England equal was astonishingly denied and Germany went on to thrash us 4-1. Nobody came close so no prize awarded for that one. On to this week, staying with a footie theme, the question is this … how many team jerseys do I own, both club (Coventry City) and country (England, of course … I won’t include my team USA shirt)?  The prize will be a growler of Bulldog Bitter and a couple of bottles from the World Cup’s winning team’s country and entry into the draw for the team jersey. Have at it.

  1. Chris says -

    I’ve heard really good things about Emerson Brewery and Epic Brewing in New Zealand. Not sure how hard to come by they are in the US, though.

    I have no idea about the jersey. 7?

  2. Moira says -

    Guessing 8. Probably includes the game-winning jersey from when Coventry City beat Tottenham in the FA Cup Final. :o)