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The Friday Question

Last night’s Brew At The National Zoo proved to be an excellent event despite the heat and humidity. The beer festival was excellently organised  and had something for everyone in terms of beer, plenty of great craft beer as well as the generic big brands, as well as great food and live entertainment. I look forward to this being a regular event in our festival calendar and, of course, it’s for a great cause. Thanks to everybody who stopped by to sample Oliver Ales, we “sold out” 15 minutes before the end of the event!

Mike, our DC sales rep serves some Oliver Ale @ Brew At The National Zoo


Today I’m brewing our latest seasonal offering, Golden Glory. It’s a golden wheat ale (40% of the grain bill by weight is wheat) brewed with root ginger (chopped and suspended in the boiling wort) and I’m trying out the Liberty hops I bought for Jacob’s Summer Celebration as the finishing hop. Speaking of little Jacob’s brew, it’s fermenting nicely. I can’t wait to get this on tap, especially on cask, which will be dry hopped with Liberty and maybe Chinook also. I’ll be filling about 6 firkins so expect to see it at a few of your fave purveyors of cask conditioned ale.

O.K., onto the Friday Question. As I haven’t had any responses to “what’s in the fridge” (see earlier post), I’m going to offer up a couple of bottles from our stash, namely Fuller’s Vintage Ale (’08) and Stone Double Bastard (also ’08) AND a growler of Jacob’s Summer Celebration (when it’s released next month). Staying on the theme of Jacob, the question is this …. next Wednesday the little man will have his scheduled doctor’s check-up … at that time, how much will he weigh? As usual, post your answer via the comment option below …. the winner will be posted next Friday. Good luck.



  1. peter says -

    7 pounds 12 ounces – a nice size for a baby, but a bit small for a turkey.