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The Friday Question

Brew day 5 for the week sees me finishing with a Summer Light Ale, thankfully. It’s been unbearably hot in the brewery as you can imagine, so I’m very happy that the mash to be dug out later is minimal. I’ve also brewed a Bishop’s Breakfast, two batches of Ironman Pale Ale and an Old Habit. Next week looks to be equally busy as I’ll be brewing an Irish Red Ale, Strongman Pale Ale, 3 Lions, 3 Spires and Blonde Ale.  Today I’ll also be racking firkins of Golden Glory, a 5.5%abv wheat ale brewed with root ginger which will be going to Metropolitan, Frisco Grille, ChurchKey and Meridian Pint so look out for those. The remainder will be transferred to conditioning and will be carbonated next Tuesday and on tap at The Ale House on Wednesday.

By-the-way, new on cask @ The Ale House today is the Pagan Porter with vanilla beans. There’s one firkin only so get it while you can. It’s soft and smooth with wonderful hints of chocolate, coffee and, of course, vanilla. I am in love with this beer!

On cask now ... Pagan Porter with Vanilla ... Glorious!

O.K., onto the Friday Question. Last week I asked how much Jacob (my baby boy) would weigh as of his doctors appointment on Wednesday. The prize is a growler of Jacob’s Summer Celebration (released in a couple of weeks), a bottle of ’08 Fuller’s Vintage Ale and a bottle of ’08 Stone Double Bastard …. a nice little haul, I’m sure you’ll agree. The little man turned out to be 9lb 14oz (and 22 inches long by-the-way) which makes Brandon the winner, congratulations sir. This week I’ll be giving away 2 more bottles from our stash, Bell’s Batch 9000 and Three Floyds Black Sun Stout as well as a growler of our Golden Glory.

you could be drinking these next week!

The question is this …. as I mentioned in previous posts, the Golden Glory, released next Wednesday, is brewed with root ginger (which is chopped and suspended  in the boiling wort) … what you need to know is how much ginger is used in a 7 barrel brew? As usual, please submit your answer via the comment option below. Good luck…. sort of…. I’ll be honest with you here, I hope that nobody gets close because I really want to drink that Three Floyds Stout!

  1. Mike says -

    2 pounds..and if I win I promise to share with my “winnings” with you (and my wife!)

  2. Alexander D. Mitchell IV says -

    I’m going to have to start guessing earlier–looks like everyone else is using my “cover the spread” method too effectively.. .. 2 pounds, 10 ounces?