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The Friday Question

Oh Lordy, this has been a brutal week … hot, hot, hot in the brewery! We brewed a Blonde Ale, Strongman Pale Ale, Irish Red, Coventry Cream Ale and I’m finishing up with a 3 Lions today. The Golden Glory is on tap now, it’s a 5.5% wheat ale brewed with root ginger, which of course was the basis of last week’s Friday Question. I asked how much root ginger was used in the 7 barrel brew? The intention with this brew was to have a subtle, refreshing presence of the ginger … it’s easy to overdo spices and herbs in beer, much to the detriment of the product so it’s always best to be cautious! I’ve been using ginger in Summer seasonals for some years now and over time I’ve come to settle on an amount of 1lb 8oz in a 7 barrel brew. In a previous post I’d speculated that Volker, he of Brewer’s Art fame, who had posted an answer to this question may be in league with Old Nick … this was his first comment on our site and it just so happens to be the 666th comment posted! Hey, guess what … Volker is the winner with his guess of 1lb 6oz … fuel on the fire I say! Congratulations Volker, enjoy the beer!

This weeks question will involve more wild guesses. What I’d like to know is how many total pounds of grain did we use to brew our 5 batches this week? What’s that you say, it’s too difficult!? Why yes, yes it is but have a stab at it anyway. On offer is our very last bottle from the fridge, the delicious Founder’s KBS (stout aged in bourbon barrels) and a growler of your choice of Oliver Ale. Have at it. Have a great weekend and don’t forget, if you’re going to the Manchester City vs Inter Milan match on Saturday, stop by The Pratt Street Ale House first for a hand crafted ale … our Bulldog Bitter will be $3/pint all day!

The first casks of Jacob’s Summer Celebration will be distributed next week and the draft will follow the week after. We’ll have a low-key release here at The Ale House, I’ll post details next week.

coming soon!


  1. Mike says -

    My guess is 3,255 pounds! That’s a lot of lifting.

  2. Bryan F says -

    2270 lbs. Going to win on of these eventually…