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Hey Homebrewers, your Galaxy needs you! It’s The Clone Wars!

Are you a homebrewer, then read on! If you’re not, read on anyway, get inspired and join a homebrew club! For the last couple of years we’ve had the pleasure of running a “Clone Wars” homebrew competition in conjunction with the fine folks at The Chesapeake Real Ale Brewers Society (CRABS). The premise is simple … I provide the recipe of one of my beers and all of the technical information and our house yeast strain for those who want it and you, the homebrewer, goes away and tries to clone it … extract or grain brews are equaly acceptable. Myself, Justin (co-owner of the Ale House) and whomever else we can drag into helping (I’m looking at you Mr. Brad Klipner)  will judge all of the entries in a single sitting and select the top three that best represent my original brew. Simple, eh? We’ve got some cool prizes and further details can be found here. To get you in the mood, present the recipe and answer any questions that you may have we’ll be holding a 3 Lions Happy Hour on February 1st, 6-9pm at The Pratt Street Ale House … 3 Lions (cask and draft) will be, you guessed, it $3/pint for those entering the competition. You don’t have to be a member of one of the participating homebrew clubs to get involved, independent homebrewers are very welcome. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Happy Hour, you can still compete … contact Brandon at CRABS (see the embedded link for details).

  1. Brandon_Milhouse44 says -

    Awesome Picture!
    All interested please contact the email (on link) with your interest to attend the 3 Lions Happy Hour and be a part of this competition so we can plan on number of people expect so we have enough copies of the recipe.

  2. jmooy says -

    I’m in. Do we get a vial of your sweat & tears? I don’t need the blood, I still have some of yours left.