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Raise a glass and raise some money for the victims of the Japanese earthquake

I don’t know about you but yesterday evening I spent a lot of my time bitching about the weather … the rain was ridiculous, flooding was closing roads and making my journey home difficult, people were staying home (wisely, it has to be said) instead of coming along to The Falls for the Oliver’s pint night. All in all, I was pissed-off. This morning on my drive to work I was horrified to learn from NPR of the terrible earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and the devestation and loss of life that resulted. Horrified and acutely embarassed by my pathetic whining …it really puts things in perspective! Of course relief efforts are well underway but as always funding by donations from the likes of you and I are vital in circumstances such as this. If you want to donate money there’s a valuable piece at The Huffington Post highlighting many of the charitable options available. I’m also delighted to announce that Justin and Donald, owners of The Pratt Street Ale House are donating $1 from each pint of Strongman Pale Ale to the cause (we selected the Red Cross as our charity of choice). Why Strongman, well simply because it was hopped entirely with Japanese Sorachi Ace so it seems appropriate. These days, especially in times of economic uncertainty, it’s natural I think to become focused on ones own hardships but a disaster of this magnitude really serves to shift focus. Join us and raise a glass of Strongman to the families struggling through this experience and help us raise some money so that we can help in some small way.