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Third Annual Homebrew Competition Details

OK homebrewers, it’s getting to that time of year again, time for the Annual Oliver’s Homebrew Competition. The premise is simple … it’s tough coming up with so many seasonal one off brews, so why not let someone else do the work! I invite all of you homebrewers to submit a beer that you think would fit well with our line-up at the Pratt Street Ale House … there are no style guidelines, you can brew whatever you’d like, just be aware that we will be judging based on what we think would compliment our other beers and will be cost effective to brew (so if you’re using rare flowers that you handpicked on your recent trip to Kilimanjaro, we’re not going to choose it, no matter how good the brew is!) Obviously we’re probably going to brew it with our house yeast strain unless there’s another strain readily available at low additional cost (and remember, it’s all open fermentation here so we don’t want any crazy yeast strains floating around)! This is the third year we’ve run the competition. The first year’s winner was an American style brown ale, last year’s winner was a bitter brewed with black tea (read more about it here). You could be joining us for 2011’s brew which will be released as part of our celebrations for Baltimore Beer Week in October. The brew will be available on tap at the Ale House and other local outlets such as Max’s and will be featured at our stand at The Brewer’s Association Oktoberfest and The Real Ale Festival. Fame if not fortune could be yours … I noticed that last year’s winner Judy got some screen time on the recent “Brewed On The Bay” documentary as we poured her “High tea” at last year’s Oktoberfest. You also get a keg of the brew to take home. The deadline for drop off is Friday August 19th either here at The Ale House or at Maryland Homebrew in Columbia. Judging will be early the following week and, their schedules permitting, I will again be joined by Brian Strumke and Nick Liechty for the judging. Please submit a copy of the recipe with your brew, we obviously will take into account the nature of the ingredients as well as the beer itself when making our decision. Good luck!

Last year's winner, Judy, with Bruce & myself at last year's "High Tea" cask night at Metropolitan

  1. brewah says -

    How much brew (e.g. how many 12oz bottles) do we drop off with our recipe in order to enter the competition?

  2. Steve says -

    3 x 12oz bottles should do the trick, thanks

  3. john says -

    Steve – would a 16 oz swing top bottle and two regular 12 oz bottles be okay? All are brown bottles and have no labels. Thanks.