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The Clone Wars 2012

Enjoying a pint of Dark Horse in a galaxy not so far away!

It’s that time again folks, the Clone Wars homebrew competition is on! Test your home brewing chops by recreating our Dark Horse mild … we’ll judge which we think is closest to the real thing and the winner gets some pretty cool prizes and of course bragging rights! The mild ale is an English classic, an easy drinking session ale with a low hop bitterness but plenty of malt character. Ours is a “dark” mild though we’re talking a medium brown color at best, maybe a slight reddish hue. I believe that a beer such as this is a real test of a brewer’s skills … there is nowhere to run and hide … no masking flaws under a mountain of hops or burying it under high abv! It requires a deft touch and, with the diacetyl characteristics frequently associated with Ringwood yeast, good yeast handling.

Full details of the competition can be found at the CRABS web site at . All are welcome to enter and should you wish to pick up yeast from the brewery please email me directly at . Submissions are required April 1st, judging will be shortly thereafter. Maryland Homebrew carries all of the supplies you will need. but if you’re struggling for anything please contact me, I’ll do my best to help.

Good luck

  1. Bill Ridgely says -

    And the Dark Horse Clone competition will be held … when?

    Kinda curious since I have two entries in the competition.