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Movember Spawned A Monster

Ah, Movember is here again … I can’t say I know when or where the Movember movement started but it’s impact upon raising awareness of issues pertaining to men’s health is undeniable and, quite frankly, magnificent! It of course also results in your co-worker/friend/husband etc developing facial hair that ranges from the ridiculous to the creepy! Speaking of creepy, our very own Creeper has jumped in feet first and brewed the latest in the Creeper series, “Movember Milk Stout” (Belgian style y’all)  in tribute. He’s also joined a team with our good friend, Mr. Brandon Milhouse and a portion of the sales of “Movember Milk Stout” will be donated to the team. You are of course very welcome to make a personal donation and details can be found at here. We’re transferring the milk stout to tank to nitro it today and it should be on tap at the Ale House (in place of Guinness, woot!) early next week. Come raise a pint or two and help do some good. I’ll be raising several to my Father, Gareth, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is scheduled for surgery in December. Love you Dad xx