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Looking forward to a Mild May

For many years now CAMRA have been running a “Mild May” campaign to raise awareness of this classic, and once almost extinct, British beer style. Coming from the West Midlands as I do, a bastion of mild ale drinking, it’s always been one of my favorite beer styles and I  spent many happy hours of my student life and beyond in the Nursery Tavern, a stones throw from my flat in Coventry supping pints of mild and playing darts. I feel beholden therefore to “do my bit” for the style by promoting our own Mild May Stateside. Of course it’s a little different here. The CAMRA faithful may run screaming like teenage girls in a Friday 13th movie at the sight of a keg of mild ale but I’m a little less precious about that sort of thing and we will happily offer our mild in keg and cask. I hope you’re already aware of our Dark Horse mild (4% abv) available year ’round. To make this Mild May something a bit special we’re also going to add two additional mild ales during the month. The first, which should be tapped around the 7th will be a re-interpretation of our collaboration with our friends at DC Brau, “Burial At Sea”, clocking in at 3.2% abv. The second (to be brewed tomorrow) is part of our series of collaborations with our friends at 3 Stars Brewing and will be a rye based mild which should be on tap around the middle of the month. All 3 milds will be available on draft and limited cask at both the Pratt Street Ale House and Columbia Ale House locations for $4/pint subject to availability. If you’re interested in reading a little more about mild ales wikipedia is a good starting point. Enjoy the mild May with a few pints … easy drinking and refreshing with a “session”  abv that you’ll be able to walk away from!

Mild May