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The Joys Of Open Fermentation

I hope that you are already aware that we have traditional English open fermenting vessels here in our subterranean world. There’s no denying that open fermentation is a risky business. The possibilities for contamination are great but obviously we do everything in our power to minimize them. The rewards are greater than the risks in my opinion. As a brewer it allows me to both see and smell the fermentation as well as following it’s progress by traditional sampling & evaluation … up close and personal brewing I would say. We thought it would be cool to see exactly what is happening when we’re not here monitoring the brew so we invited our good friend Dan Putz and his awesome time lapse camera into the brewhouse. He set up said camera on the edge of one our 7bbl open vessels set to take a photo every minute …. we took about 2800 frames (it’s a batch of Ironman Pale Ale by the way)

camera set up

The pictures, run together as a video, are awesome. Check it out by following the link below

The two “jumps” in the level of the yeast head are presumably when I manually roused the brew (which we do daily) which causes the sudden release of carbon dioxide from the fermenting beer.

A huge thank you to Dan Putz for making this possible.