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You say Firkin-Off, I Say …

You say Firkin-off, I say F-off! Call me a grumpy git, miserable bastard or whatever … when it comes to the subject of “beer battles” and what absolute bullshit they are I’ll take either as a compliment. Let me backtrack a little. A week or so ago I saw a few tweets popping up about a “firkin-off” between our friends at DuClaw and ourselves at The Ale House, Columbia on 5/17. This certainly raised my eyebrows as it was news to me. It was being billed as an “us vs. them”, whose casks will be the first to kick type showdown. I can not find adequate words to express my disdain for this sort of crap! I gladly welcome guest casks, especially from local breweries whom I respect so highly but a battle … give me a break! Yes there’ll be two Oliver firkins available, fairly traditional unadulterated English style cask conditioned ales on the bar alongside two firkins from DuClaw. There’s will be more in keeping with their brewing style, the casks will have what I would call “interesting” additions to them from what I’ve been led to believe. You know what you can do … come along to the Ale House in Columbia and try them all and appreciate different styles of beer and differing approaches to presentation of those styles. Celebrate the diversity of cask beer without it being some sort of challenge between the beers on offer. Yep, you might have a favorite …. so what?! Just drink what you enjoy and enjoy what you drink and everybody’s a winner.

Grumpy old man signing off!

  1. Milhouse44 says -

    I could not agree more with you! I think this has become the normal with the many *Insert City Here* Beer Week festivities. Beer events are about fun and enjoying beer with people that enjoy beer. I am truly humbled and honored to have a beer I made (as silly as the ingredients may be)side by side with brewers that that made beer I have always enjoyed and the reason I got into this business.
    Marketing folks or Establishments may put a ‘Battle’ Title to an Event but as a brewer I want you to come out and enjoy a beer that was made with the thought of people getting together and enjoying the beer that we made.